Real Life < Riding Bikes All Day

I spent the first half of 2011 training for and obsessing over the Tour Divide, a 2700 mile long mountain bike race that essentially took over my life. I also hoped to document the process of getting ready for the race by starting a blog, It never really took off and its few entries are exceedingly half-assed. Fortunately I proved to be better at training than blogging. I finished the Divide in twenty days and eighteen hours, a good deal faster than what I considered to be an obtainable time for a rider of my abilities.

Racing the Divide was my calculated quarter-life crisis: a way to pack three years worth of riding and travelling into a single summer before I hunker down and spend the rest of my twenties in a law library.  I hoped to get over my bike obsession by literally pedalling myself sick; the world’s longest mountain bike race seemed like an ideal way to do it. If this sounds like a stupid idea, its because it is! It didn’t work at all and I finished the race emboldened by my better than hoped for finish, already thinking about what I’ll do differently when I return for a second attempt.

The euphoria of finishing the Divide was awesome but shortlived. It didn’t take long before I sunk into a post race funk that I’m still trying to claw my way out of.  I’m not riding very much, and feel bored with my regular routes and trails when I do. Without the Divide as a focal point for my energy, I feel listless and unsure of what to do next; there are plenty of other ultra-endurance races that appeal to me, but they are many months ahead.  This blog is largely born out of boredom, and a hope that documenting it will somehow liven up my riding. Check back here to see what I’m up to, or better yet come drag my ass out for a ride.