Snow, kind of.


The Twin Cities received a scant couple inches of snow on Friday, which was apparently enough to cause over 500 traffic accidents and basically ruin everyone’s day. I pretended to be bummed until I got home, then started planning where I wanted to ride.

Saturday morning came and I decided to the Sibley House in Mendota, where I hopped on the trails that I first explored while riding with a group of guys earlier this fall. The trail was already covered in Larry and Endo tracks, and I passed more than a dozen fatbikers during the five hours that I was out. As a recent arrival to Minneapolis, I continue to be amazed at the number of like-minded folks I see while on a bike ride in single digit temperatures. 4″ wide tires definitely weren’t necessary to get through the paltry amount of snow on the ground, but I only encountered one guy on a ‘skinny’ tired bike. I have a feeling that the availability and exploding prevalence of fatbikes must be motivating more riders to consider staying outside and off the trainer through the winter, and I think that’s awesome.



I plan on heading down to Northfield this Tuesday evening for some actual Snowmobile trail riding with friends. 7pm meetup at Goodbye Blue Monday.





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