Fall River Fat Riding

Last weekend I joined up with Gnat’s River Ramble, a group ride exploring the Minnesota River Bottoms on some fat ass tires. I meant to take some pictures, but I was intimated by the presence of photocyclist powerhouses (I also forgot to charge my camera). For write ups and some banging pictures of that ride, look at:

Gnat’s River Ramble

Riding the Salsa Mukluk

River Ramble

This afternoon I rode the Pugsley to the Sibley House in Mendota, then did some further exploring of the River Bottoms trail. I wanted to make it a bit further south than I was able to last week, so I stuck to the actual trail instead of poking along the beach or crashing through the brush in the wooded areas off of the trail. After motoring to the point where I turned back last week, I crossed the river, and soon was pleasantly surprised when the trail narrowed to sandy singletrack. I lost the trail a few times, but everything was so sandy and messy that it didn’t really matter.

I’m feeling pretty lucky to have this fatbike playground within an easy ride of my house. I plan on riding the Pugsley more or less exclusively for the next few months in order to get ready for the Triple D in January. Having the River Bottoms so close to home should keep me motivated to keep pushing those fat tires until the snow arrives.


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