Fall gravel riding sweetness

                                                                                               Image shamelessly stolen from Milltown Cycles

I’m excited to see that Milltown Cycles will be sponsoring not one but three group gravel rides over the next month or so. Their announcement of the series states that:

Plans have been finalized for three fall gravel tours this year.  They will be 45-50 miles in length, self supported, group rides.  Bring water and food for yourself, know your ability level, and bring adequate maps or GPS type devices.  We will mark the courses well, and maps and cues can be printed off using links below.  We will not provide maps or cues at the start.  You can ride the routes as fast or slow as you like.  It should be a good time for riders of any skill level.

Check out http://milltowncycles.blogspot.com for further details and route info.  I’m hoping to make it out to at least two of these, and am especially looking forward to the Rawland Route, which was a standard training route for me when I lived in Northfield.

At 50 some miles in length apiece, these rides aren’t as daunting a commitment as those more established gravel races in the state. Because of that, I think they could fill a really important niche, hopefully making gravel road riding a more accessible experience for those who aren’t quite ready to tackle a full hundred mile (or longer) gravel grinder.

Speaking of not being ready for gravel centuries, it looks like I’m waking up at the ass-crack of dawn to drive up to Duluth for the Heck of the North. It promises to be a humbling experience, as its been months since I put in any considerable saddle time.


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